Welcome to Bizymoms-Ekwa!
Bizymoms-Ekwa is an organization dedicated to the dual purposes of innovative client solutions, and providing satisfying work-from-home employment. We accomplish this in an environment of respect and collaboration. You’ll find our core values of enthusiasm, strength, passion, and diversity illustrated throughout www.ekwa.com and www.bizymoms.com.

Our complete array of SEO and internet marking services is showcased at www.ekwa.com. Here our focus is search engine optimization and social media for medical and other professionals across the United State and Canada.

Www.bigsmiledental.com is just one of our success stories. In partnership with Ekwa Marketing, Big Smile Dental has quickly become the most dominant dental website in Chicago with more than 20,000 links, over 300 pages, and 5,000+ unique targeted (free) search engine visitors each month. This website ranks in the top three for more than 200 search terms. There are more than 15,000 dentists in this locality, all fiercely competitive. We’ve helped Dr. Siegel gain 150 to 200 new patients per month, gaining a strong lead over his competition.

In addition to dentists, our clients include plastic surgeons, dermatologists, vein specialists, hair restoration clinics, chiropractors, veterinarians, law professionals, and more. As you read this, we are creating their success stories in their own cities.

We also put our SEO and social media expertise to work to create www.bizymoms.com. It is now one of the three largest websites in the world for mothers! And we made that amazing parenting resource possible without spending a dime on advertising.

We rose to the challenge of building Ekwa Marketing and Bizymoms into the successes they are today, without the help of bank loans or venture capital. Instead, we concentrated on bringing the right individuals together in the spirit of hard work, support, teamwork, and belief in our goals.

At Bizymoms-Ekwa we believe in unlocking potential and enhancing value for all of our stakeholders – clients, employees, and websites visitors. We invite you to join in our passionate commitment to be the best.